About our Calisthenics Shorts and Joggers

Shorts and Joggers

How do you aim at navigating the hot summers? Don't you think it's time to give your jeans and your pants a break as you switch to something more breezy and comfortable? At Calisthenics Crew, you will find all the desires of your heart to be fulfilled. With so much to offer, we are ready every step of the way to make your summer, winter, autumn, or spring the most memorable ones.
Each of the articles that you find on our website has been designed so that all of your needs, be they of comfort, functionality, or aesthetics, are catered to in the most fashion-appropriate and budget-friendly manner.
Scroll down below, and you will find a wide variety of options to pick from for both shorts and shoes, such as joggers.
Long Shorts Light on the Wallet, Lighter on the Skin. 
No more of wearing tight and stuffy shorts that make your legs itch the whole time you have them on. At Calisthenics Crew, we know that shorts are meant to make your lives easier and not more agitating. This is why our team of designers and manufacturers has been working day and night to ensure that you only get the comfiest and maybe breezy article of clothing.
Not just that but each and every one of our shirts is incredibly budget-friendly. It doesn't matter whether you wish to wear them for a running session, jogging, swimming or maybe you want to lounge in them at home. Whatever the case, these will give you all the comfort and style that your heart desires. With these shorts, you won't be disappointed.

Material and Built

Material sourced from China, Lithuania, and the EU, these shorts come with components sourced from Mexico, giving you the perfect authenticity you need. With water-repellent microfiber fabric, you won't have to worry about getting drenched if you're out in the rain.
Made from 96% polyester, these shorts are extremely comfortable to move in as you can stretch around without hassle. The material also has around 4% elastane. Other than an elastic waist and a flat white drawstring for chicness and comfort, you will also find mesh side pockets so that you can tuck your wallet, keys, or phone in when your hands are busy.

Manufactured With Care

Made with love and care, we also design different types of joggers to help you move around without any hindrances. These shoes are extremely soft on the inside, giving you an experience of what walking on clouds must feel like.
Perfect for lounging, with just the right grip of running or jogging, these joggers are made up of 70% polyester, 3% elastane, and 27% cotton to give your feet breathability as well. With products sourced from Poland, Mexico, China, the EU, and Lithuania, we aim to provide you with the most high-quality and supreme products.